Form Language vs. Visual Structure?

Some of you may be familiar with a field of study called 'Visual Structure.'

There has been a fair amount of study that has gone into this field, some of the more notable research being done in the 70's by people like Arnheim.

If we go back a little earlier then we will see that the Gestalt guys were a part of this. For more recent advocates, you can look to people like Bruce Block within the film industry. Each discipline will likely have its visual structure champion. As another example, we suppose that 'Understanding Comics' would be a good place to start within the comic book industry.

And a rare and pleasant example of a discipline that regularly stresses visual structure is the graphic design field.

We plan to expand the website to address Visual Structure logic.
So, Good things to come.














Is a 'Form Language' the same thing as 'Visual Structure?'

No. Although, as always, there are overlapping issues. Of course, we will go to great lengths to explain form languages within the site, so for now, it is enough to know that they are different.

We will add, however, that solid exposure to visual structure will certainly speed your understanding of my form language. This is due in part to the fact that we have borrowed as many visual structure terms as we could. There is simply no reason to reinvent the wheel. But don't worry. If you have never heard of 'visual structure', it will not stop you from being able to begin learning our form language. And, when it is appropriate, we will take the time to explain the terms that we use, as we use them.